Ybbstaler column: “Personality”

Welcome to the mental toughness column. Here you will find tips and tricks to build their mental strength, so they can better cope with the challenges in their daily lives and “recharge their batteries”.

An essential building block of the foundation of mental strength is personality. Our personality influences all aspects of our lives.

Albatross and penguin are both birds. However, the two will make the journey from one island to the other in different ways. The albatross takes the air route, the penguin swims through the sea to its destination.

Depending on our personality traits, certain situations are easier for us than others. There are people who love to be the center of attention. If you give them a “stage”, they flourish, whereas people with a different personality feel quite uncomfortable at the very thought of having to say something in front of a few people.

There are also people who think everything through down to the smallest detail, while others are more practically minded.

Our personality also determines how strongly we react to stressors and how quickly we can recover from them.

It is therefore important to know your own personality. They can then develop their potential and shape their lives in the best possible way.

If you now know the characteristics of your personality, you will understand why you think, feel and act the way you do. You recognize your strengths in order to develop your potential. And they know their challenges and how they can cleverly overcome them in order to develop further.

Knowing themselves also helps them to deal with their emotions. They then recognize their emotions more easily and can deal with them better. They then also become aware of their needs.

Your mental strength can only develop well if you act in harmony with your personality.

Knowing about your own personality and that of the people around you, such as partners or in teams, also helps to prevent conflicts and understand others better.

Bring your personality to light!

There is much more to say about personality and the neuroscientific personality analysis that I carry out, but that would go beyond the scope of this column. You can find more information on my website:


You are welcome to contact me personally if you have any questions about neuroscientific personality analysis.

Allow me to make a “remote diagnosis”: you are unique and your personality is fine the way it is. Even if you have one or two challenges, there are situations where your personality is just right for you to develop your full potential. You can be proud of yourself!

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