The gold mine of aptitude testing: the benefits of the Deep OCEAN personality model in recruiting

In the world of modern recruiting, finding the right talent for your company is more critical than ever. This is not just about specialist knowledge and skills, but also about the fit of the applicant’s personality with the corporate culture. This is where the Deep OCEAN Personality Model comes in, a powerful method for identifying the personality traits of candidates. In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages of this model in recruiting.

1. holistic insight into the personality

The OCEAN personality model, or Big Five model, examines five main dimensions of personality: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (emotional stability). The Deep OCEAN model goes more in depth by adding two aspects to each of the main dimensions according to current neuroscientific findings. Unlike other personality models, the Deep OCEAN model provides a comprehensive view of an applicant’s personality by capturing different facets of their personality. This allows recruiters to get a comprehensive picture of potential employees.

2. better fit with the corporate culture

Corporate culture is a decisive factor for the long-term success of an employee in a company. The Deep OCEAN model allows recruiters to match applicants’ personality traits with the company’s values and norms. This increases the likelihood of selecting candidates who fit well with the corporate culture and will be successful in the long term.

3. prediction of work performance and success

Studies have shown that the personality traits captured in the Deep OCEAN model can have an impact on job performance and career success. For example, people who are high in conscientiousness are often more reliable and organized, while extraverts may do well in team environments. By integrating the Deep OCEAN model into the selection process, companies can identify candidates who are likely to succeed in their roles.

4. reduction of miscasts

The wrong attitude can be costly and stressful to the work environment. The Deep OCEAN model helps reduce bad hires by helping recruiters rule out candidates with personality traits that don’t fit the position or company culture. This helps to reduce the turnover rate and the cost of new hires.

5. better personnel development and leadership

The Deep OCEAN model can be beneficial not only in the selection process, but also in staff development and leadership. By understanding the personality traits of their employees, managers can create more targeted training and development plans to maximize individual potential and improve performance. See also on my page: Deep-OCEAN-Model in Teams


The Deep OCEAN personality model is a powerful tool in the modern recruiting process. It provides a holistic view of candidate personality, helps select candidates who are a better fit for the company culture, and helps predict job performance and success. In addition, it can help reduce miscasting and improve staff development and leadership. Companies that integrate the Deep OCEAN model into their selection process are well positioned to attract talented, well-fit employees and ensure long-term success.

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