The O.C.E.A.N Model for Teams

True diversity is richness in personality and pattern level

(Dr. Frederik Hümmecke)


The Deep O.C.E.A.N® Model in Teams

The Deep O.C.E.A.N® Model in Teams Helps

  • Create understanding among team members, including the manager
  • to strengthen the team and to recognize the potentials
  • Recognize potential for conflict
  • "Identify "blind spots
  • Develop strategies to enable teams to perform at their best according to individual personalities

True diversity means that origin, appearance, inclinations and gender have no influence on how companies or teams are structured. True diversity stands out because of the different personalities and patterns of each team member and how each aspect is considered. The different approach to individual topics is what allows teams and companies to operate optimally in the future in this fast-paced world.


Application example

For example, the Deep O.C.E.A.N.® model was applied to a team where there was high turnover.

The personality analysis of the manager helped him to recognize why his behavior destroyed the mood in the team. Building on this, he was able to adapt the management style according to his personality.

In the next step, the personality profiles of the team members were determined. With this, appropriate strategies were developed together on how everyone can make their contribution to the team according to their personality. Through the knowledge of the personality of the manager and the team members, the internal communication could be adapted, so that within a very short time the motivation and performance in the team was increased enormously.

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