Mental training

Mental training is: "Be good when it counts".

Hans Eberspächer


What is mental training?

Mental training is understood to be methods which systematically influence one's own thinking and thus allow one to take control of one's own destiny by means of the targeted use of one's own mental abilities. With these methods and the conscious influencing of one's own thinking, willing and doing, desires can be realized and problems and conflicts can be solved.

One goal of mental training, in a nutshell, is to "be good when it counts." This means acting optimally at a defined, fixed point in time.

Another goal of my mental training offer is to help you lead a self-determined, successful, happy and mentally healthy life by focusing your thoughts on goals.

Mental training is an effective way to illuminate one's own view and perspective and thus to call up effective action "as if in sleep". From the psychology of perception known that you only see what you know. I.e. if you do without mental training, you are entering uncharted territory in situations away from your own routine and are at the mercy of the circumstances with all the risks.

Procedure of mental training

I offer mental training for individuals and also in the corporate environment to strengthen employees and teams.

Below you will find the information for the structure of the trainings for individuals:

First we deal with the questions

  • What brings you to me?
  • What do you want to achieve?

Together we work out your goals and what you still need to achieve them. In this step we also agree by when you want to have reached your goals or how long I can accompany you on your way to your goals.

The foundation for your actions is your personality. Therefore, the next step is to get to know your personality. Only when you know who you are and why you think, act and feel the way you do, you have the right basis to work efficiently on those issues to achieve your goals.


In the 1:1 trainings (on-site or online) I will show you appropriate exercises and methods that we will pack into your training plan.

In the training plan we determine which exercises and rituals you will integrate into your daily routine.

In general, we work on holistic exercises that support you to reach your goal. These include dealing with stress and challenging situations. Furthermore, you learn to feel which resources you need and how to activate these resources. With the help of your training plan and the workouts over several weeks or months, these exercises will sustainably bring you to your goals and unleash your potential.

My goal is to ensure that the exercises and routines we work on together have the desired lasting effect and success.