Do you feel stressed during uncertain times and high workloads? I help you build your mental strength and be successful.


Andreas Riess

Graduate mental coach &


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  • Do you feel like you're on a hamster wheel and controlled by others?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you have to be different than you are?
  • Do you sometimes have trouble achieving your goals?
  • Do you often feel tired and drained?
  • Do you still sleep badly?
  • Do you often feel stressed?
  • Did you prefer to be around people before and do you prefer to withdraw now?

Take care of yourself! These are the first signs that can lead to burnout.


  • Do you also want to develop and take your life into your own hands?
  • Want to know how to recharge your inner "batteries"?
  • Are you interested in how to better deal with stress?
  • Do you want to overcome your challenges?
  • Do you want to successfully achieve your goals?


I support you in building your mental well-being and avoiding burnout.

In 3 steps to success


Analyze your personality

In the first step you analyze your personality according to the Deep-OCEAN model. Here you experience your strengths, inner psychodynamics of aspects and needs of your personality.


Fill your mental "toolbox

After you've identified the mechanisms of how you react to situations, I'll show you how to build and access your strength with proven mental techniques and exercises. Here you will also get those tools to "recharge your batteries" and how to better deal with stress.


The way is the goal

Now we are in the process of implementation. In the 1:1 sessions (online or in person) we optimize the techniques and activate the resources you need to achieve your goals. We define strategies to overcome any obstacles and I give you feedback or accompany you on the way to your goal - individually as you need it.

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Dr. Daniel Trobisch

Psychotherapist, Existential Analyst, Clinical and Health Psychologist, Industrial Psychologist

From decades of experience as a corporate psychologist for one of Austria's most renowned private companies, I find Andreas Riess's training concept particularly interesting for managers who are looking beyond their own development to the full resource potential of their team. As is well known, the best students are not always the best teachers, because one secret of inner growth is to unfold the possibilities from one's own difficulties. For this basic principle, the Deep Ocean concept offers an effective tool in the hands of a self-experienced trainer.

Reinhard N.

Sales Manager

Thank you for the great advice and your effort to meet my individual needs! Our jointly defined tools and methodologies are still my daily companions today.

Adullah B.

Regional Product Line Manager - FLSmidth

Andreas convinced me immediately with his open-minded nature.

With his expertise in recognizing different personality profiles, Andreas helped me first and foremost to recognize my strengths and to use them in a more focused way in everyday life.

The topics we worked out together also helped me to better recognize the different skills of my team members in order to promote productivity within the team while achieving the company's goals.

Ewald K.

Warranty Analyst

Hi Andreas, Thank you for your kind support in getting me to my goals. Your concept and methods that you transmit to me make me think and always one step further to explore the whole that is going on inside me and from that strengthened to set the next steps.

Jan Kratz


Thanks Andreas!

With your help and your targeted questions directed at me, you helped me find a clearer path to my goal again.

I was able to see for myself that the answers to me were already inside of me and that your work was really about me and that from the very first minute.

And for every question on my part, you had the appropriate counter-question or technique at hand. I am already looking forward to my further journey.

All love Jan